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Zero-G Float Therapy
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Zero-G stands for zero gravity and  Zero-G Float Therapy, Edinburgh’s  only i-sopod float therapy centre, enables you to experience the health benefits of weightlessness in relaxing surroundings.

Float therapy allows you to completely unwind in only a few inches of warm water saturated in medical grade epsom salts. This means you stay afloat in complete safety and in a peaceful, weightless environment which takes the stress off your muscles and joints. Read on to find out more or click the button below to book your first float.

What the Media has to say About Float Therapy

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The Healing Power of Water

Water has a calming effect. Whether it’s the gentle lapping of the ocean on our feet or the soothing sound of the waves, we instantly feel more relaxed and at one with nature whenever we’re near it. And now, perhaps more than ever, we’re searching for ways to unwind; to reduce stress, anxiety and the physical effects it can have on our wellbeing.

A series of float sessions with Zero-G Float Therapy can deliver the healing power of water to help you cope with the demands of modern living.

The Benefits of Floating

Psychological Benefits

According to a recent article in Psychology Today, “floatation therapy harnesses the essential power of water and “combines it with the deeply relaxing properties of magnesium, and the calming centering capabilities of restricted environmental stimulation therapy (REST)”. You can read the article from Psychology Today here.

In our technology-driven world where deadlines must be met and work-life balance is hard to maintain, float therapy is the perfect way to secure some ‘me time’ and regain control

Pain Management

Studies have shown that float therapy can provide a welcome relief from many chronic medical conditions such as arthritis, back pain and muscular pain. Here is a quote from one particular study carried out by medical experts in the USA. ” Most of the patients that utilised floatation REST had suffered from chronic pain for longer than six months and floated from one to 16 sessions. Overall, they reported a reduction in pain that averaged 31.3%, with the highest level of relief in the upper back at 63.6%, and the lowest in the legs at 15.3%. This seems to be a clear demonstration that float tanks help with chronic pain”. You can read the complete study here.  

Sports Performance

Float therapy in sport has been well documented in recent years. Tom Brady, Superbowl champion quarterback with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers has long been a devotee of floating as part of his pre-match preparation and post game recovery. Californian float therapy centre, Just Float, published a highly informative article on top level sportspeople and celebrities who float on a regular basis and why they do it. You can read the article here.

If running is your chosen sport and you would like to find out more about floating, you may be interested in this recent article by K. Aleisha Fetters, which appeared in Runner’s World

If you’re keen to enhance your sports performance or look for ways to aid your recovery, you should consider adding float therapy to your body conditioning toolbox.



Our aim is to deliver complete relaxation. Firstly, you’ll be welcomed by our professional staff. We’ll explain briefly how the pod works and show you where to switch off the internal pod-light to get the full effect (it’s entirely your choice to leave it on or off).

Then, we’ll leave you to shower and step into the pod.  Once you’re in the pod you simply lower the overhead door, lie down and relax. The water is shallow and, try as you might, you won’t go under. Relaxing music will be piped into the pod and when you’re ready simply press the button to switch off the light.

During your float time you’ll feel completely weightless and will love the zero-gravity effect floating brings. Your muscles and joints will ease off and you can stretch out to completely relax.

Once your hour is almost up, gentle music will quietly start playing again, you can switch on the light, lift-up the pod hatch, emerge fully refreshed, shower to wash off the salts and go on to enjoy your day feeling completely invigorated.

The floating solution is a mix of water and a high ratio of superior, medical grade Epsom salts – magnesium sulphate – which has been proven to help relieve stress and muscle cramps.

This is, understandably, a common question. The answer is no – our bookings are always 90 minutes apart which includes a 1-hour float and 30-minutes for a fully-automated water / solution change. As a double-safety measure we use ultra-violet lighting which destroys any likelihood of lingering bacteria.

The pod is probably larger than you may imagine. At over 8ft long and 5ft wide it’s big enough for you to totally stretch out without feeling restricted in any way.

The overhead hydraulic door doesn’t lock and will open with the slightest touch. However, if you prefer, you can choose to leave it open as you’ll be in a private float room where you won’t be disturbed.

Most people find when that once they get used to the calm peaceful environment they’re more than happy to close the door, switch off the light and immerse themselves in the full experience. If you’d like to see our pod before booking your float however, just call us and we’d be delighted to show it to you.

The key to a really enjoyable float is to completely relax and immerse yourself in the moment. As our brains are bombarded with so much external stimuli every minute of every day, it can sometimes be difficult to switch off straight away. However, floating is a meditative experience and like any other forms of meditation it takes practice. We therefore recommend at least three sessions as the more you do it the more relaxing and therapeutic it becomes.

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