Zero-G Massage Chair

Our zero gravity philosophy doesn’t just relate to float therapy; it also applies to our luxurious new Weyron state-of-the-art massage chair too. 

At Shimmer Health and Beauty you can enjoy a reflexology therapy session or hot stone, lymphatic or Swedish massage by our qualified practitioners. However, for those times when you have just a short time to spare or would like to try the latest in modern technology, our massage chair delivers the equivalent of three therapists and a treatment takes only 15 to 20 mins. 


How can it help?

This groundbreaking massage chair is based on the principle that massaging the twelve body meridians helps maintain the health and balance of the human body. With 24 programmes to choose from you can relax and listening to some soothing sounds or music as our chair gets to work on your neck and shoulders down through your gluteal muscles and quadriceps to your feet, arms and hands. 

Book a 15 minute session to fit around your day or contact us to find out more.

float therapy

Floating is the perfect way to relax in your own personal space. Our float pod is one of the most advanced of its kind and can help relieve a number of health conditions. 

Health & Beauty

Shimmer offers the complete health and beauty service from manicures, pedicures, eyelash extensions and waxing to full-body Swedish and hot stone massage by qualified practitioners.